Music in San Sebastian, Spain

Music lies in the very heart and soul of Spain. Therefore, when you consider Spanish music, it invariably weaves passion, color, dance and song. This is also noticeable in the Basque country, where you can find pubs filled with people taking turns singing. There are also quite a number of live music bars where you can sit down, drink and relax while listening to live music of your choice, be it jazz, rock, reggae or other styles.

San Sebastian

In San Sebastian, a favorite venue for concerts is the San Sebastian Concert Hall in the Kursaal Cultural Center.

Another opportunity to enjoy music in San Sebastian is the International Jazz Festival, where renowned jazz artists from the whole world come together to celebrate their love for the music of the soul: jazz.

Other annual concerts include:

  • Concertos de Primavera
  • Music Festival
  • International Competition for Young Pianists