San Sebastian Shopping


Shopping to your heart’s content is one great way to enjoy your holiday to the hilt. San Sebastian has a lot of great shops where you can spend hours browsing and buying. A word of warning, though, with so many wonderful things for sale, you might blow your budget, so be careful.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian has quite a number of top-notch shopping districts. For handicrafts, souvenirs and accessories, visit the Old Quarter, particularly Calle Puerto and Calle Narrica. For designer labels, shoes and clothes, explore the shops at the city central. There are also hypermarkets outside of San Sebastian (Garbera, Pryca, and Alcampo). For more local food items and local produce, you can also drop by the Bretxa Market, which is close to the Old Quarter.

San Sebastian offers a wide range of products. From souvenirs to handicrafts, high fashion, and quaint family stores, there are plenty of places where you can shop the day away.

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