Top 10 Reasons to Vacation in San Sebastián

Why have a vacation in San Sebastian? There are quite a number of reasons why a vacation in San Sebastian may very well prove to be one of your best holiday decisions, but let us give you our hand-picked top 10.

San Sebastian

1. Location

San Sebastian sits majestically along the shimmering waters of the La Concha beach and is flanked by two hills. This superb location provides great panoramic views and excellent weather conditions. San Sebastian is also close to the border of France and is the capital of the Basque province of Guipuzcoa. Thus, it is the perfect jumping board for trips to France and to the rest of the Basque country.

2. Weather

The weather in San Sebastian is particularly inviting. This is, after all, one of the reasons why San Sebastian is considered Spain’s summer capital. It provides moderate climate around the year; winters are fairly mild and summer are comfortably warm and sunny.

3. Architecture

San Sebastian

San Sebastian offers a delightful mix of traditional Spanish architectureGothic, Baroque, and the modern, more eclectic designs. You can choose to travel back in time with ancient yet grand churches and buildings such as the Santa Maria church, or gaze up to the more modern structures, like the Kursaal Conference Center. San Sebastian’s proximity to France is also reflected in some of its streets and buildings, whose romantic air remind some of the streets in Paris.

4. Beaches

They say that San Sebastian has some of the best beaches in Spain – there is La Concha (“the Shell”) beach, Zurriola and Ondarrieta. These offer world-class surfing and other watersports.

5. People

The Donostierras (the people of San Sebastian, or Donostia) are actually one of the main attractions of this city. Donostierras are warm, friendly and fun-loving, as is evidenced by their rambunctious celebrations and festivals.

6. Culture

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the capital of Guipuzcoa, which, they say has remarkably preserved its Basque culture more than other provinces of the region. You will be blown away by the richness of San Sebastian’s culture by visiting its different districts (the Old Quarter, the Gros District, the City Center and the Zona Romantica), museums and enjoying its various festivities.

7. Food

Food, food, food! Basque food is one of Spain’s best offerings. It is said that although the Andalusian region invented tapas, it was the Basque Country that perfected it. The Basque version of tapas are called pintxos, which are served hot or cold.

8. Nightlife

Get ready to rock the night away! San Sebastian is where the party’s happening! The streets of the Old Quarter are a virtual maze of bars, nightclubs and discos. So, party on!

9. Museums

When it comes to museums, San Sebastian has a wide offering. Along with the usual art, culture and history museums (such as the Museo de San Telmo or the Museo Chilida Leku), you can also visit museums that feature marine life, railroads, butterflies and even candy!

10. Festivals

Drumroll, please! San Sebastian just loves their festivals and parade, which provides a calendar of exciting events, such as the Film Festival, the Jazz Festival, the Tinkers Parade and the Tamborrada.