Gothic Style Architecture in San Sebastian

Here are some examples of Gothic-style architecture in San Sebastian:

Catedral del Buen Pastor
This 19th century cathedral stands above Roman ruins and is built in the Neo-Gothic tradition.

Palacio de Miramar

San Sebastian

This used to be called the Royal Miramar Country House (Real Casa de Campo de Miramar). Queen Maria Cristina had this palace built upon the grounds of a former monastery. Designed by the architect Selden Wornum, it includes Neo-Gothic features with local influences. It is a lovely palace with gardens offering great views of the bay.

Church of Santa Maria del Coro (Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro)
This grand basilica is a 16th century structure and has three naves, two towers and intricate stained glass windows.

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion y del Manzano

San Sebastian

This Gothic-style church has three naves, with the center nave taller than the two beside it. The two shorter naves have cross-ribbed vaults featuring various designs. The main entranceway, though, is made in the Renaissance style.

Iglesia de San Ignacio
The building features neo-Gothic elements, again having three naves, a basilican layout and a polygonal and crossing apse.

Iglesia de San Vicente

San Sebastian

Like the other previous churches, this has three naves. Again, the center nave is taller than the two beside it. This is built in the Gothic style with Guipuzcoan elements, thus its architectural style is called Guipuzcoan Gothic.

Iglesia Parroquial San Salvador
Located in Getaria, this church was built to adapt to the lay of the land and thus has an uneven ground layout. There are three naves, the center nave is wider and higher. An apse that is square-shaped soars over the structure and is covered by crossed rib vaults.

Other churches built in the Gothic style include:

  • Catedral de Santiago
  • Iglesia de San Anton
  • Iglesia de San Vicente Martir