San Sebastian Safety & Emergencies

There may be political parades and rallies in the city, but these are generally peaceful, as is the rest of the city. Your main concern as a visitor in San Sebastian would be petty crimes – bag snatching, pick pocketing and the like.

San Sebastian

When walking the streets of San Sebastian, be on the alert and aware of the things that happen around you. Here are some tips for you to remember:

  • When in crowded places, like the market or the bus, strap your handbag diagonally over one shoulder and do not put your wallet in your back pocket.
  • When using a backpack (which is specially vulnerable to pickpockets), lock it or at least bury important documents in an interior pocket
  • As much as possible, carry your cash and important documents in a pouch underneath your shirt and tied around your neck.
  • For lost items, go to the office of the Local Police (Calle Easo 41)

Upon entering San Sebastian, study the best way you can react under a given emergency and memorize the emergency assistance number, which is 112.

San Sebastian

Here are other phone numbers you can call in case of an emergency:
Local Police 092
Fire Department 080/ 085/ +34 944 923116
Ambulance +34 943 464622
City Hall +34 943 481000
Local bank Card +34 917 260000 (for cancellations)
American Express +34 915 720303 (for card cancellations)
Visa +34 915 196000 (for card cancellations)

In case of a medical emergency, go directly to the hospital. If you already have insurance, call the insurance company first.

Hospitals and Health centers in San Sebastian”

Hospital Nuestra Señora De Aranzazu
Address: Alto de Zorroaga, s/n
Telephone: +34 943 007000

Health Center (Gros)
Address: Avenida Navarra, 14
Telephone: +34 943 006400

Health Center (Egia)
Address: Calle Tejeria, 2
Telephone: +34 943 006633

Health Center (City Center)
Address: Calle Prim, 61
Telephone: +34 943 457301

Health Center (Gros)
Address: Avenida Navarra, 14
Telephone: +34 943 006400

Health Center (Intxaurrondo)
Address: Paseo Zarategi, 92
Telephone: +34 943 321000

Health Center (Amara)
Address: Calle Jose Maria Salaberria, 8
Telephone: +34 943 462844

Health Center (Parte Vieja)
Address: Calle Esterlines, 12
Telephone: +34 943 431900

Health Center (Antiguo)
Address: Zumalakarregi, 24
Telephone: +34 943 006600

For Hospitalizations:
EU Citizens may use the local Social Security Services. However, before leaving for Spain, you must first complete and submit an E-111 form at the Social Security office in your country. Be sure to bring the original copy on your trip to Spain.