San Sebastian Beaches

The sun, the sea and the surf... what more could you ask for? San Sebastian offers three beaches: the La Concha beach, the Zurriola Beach and the Ondarreta Beach.

La Concha (Playa de la Concha)

La Concha

It is the beach in San Sebastian. After all, the picturesque city promenade stretches along this coast. You will surely enjoy bathing in the warm waters or getting you tan while reading a good book. There is also a variety of activities you can indulge in – kayaking, sail boating and canoeing. Come nightfall, the beach is lit up with white lights along the promenade – very romantic, very beautiful.

The beach is 40 meters wide and 1,340 meters long and is made of fine golden sand.

Ondarreta Beach (Playa Ondarreta)

Ondarreta Beach

The very name means “little beach” in the native language, Euskera. It certainly fits the Ondarreta Beach, as it is connected to the Playa de la Concha, which is larger. The beach is also located across the island of Santa Clara. The waters of this beach are quieter and is perfect for water sports such as body-boarding. The beach also has a pool and a yacht club for children. The barrier wall is a great place to sit and watch the sailboats. A word of caution, though, as the waters are apt to reach the walls come high tide.

The beach is made of fine golden sand and is 100 meters long and 600 meters wide.

Zurriola Beach (Playa de la Zurriola)

Zurriola Beach

This beach is a favorite among surfers as waves tend to be on the heavy side. Like the La Concha beach, it is located in San Sebastian’s city center. Zurriola Beach can be reached through the bridge that goes over the Urumea River. The beach is equipped with the usual beach amenities and services. There is also a path, which is for cyclists and skaters. The beach itself is lined with hotels and businesses. Though swimming is not really recommended here, you can still enjoy strolling, sunbathing, and of course, surfing. Enlarged in 1995, it is 110 meters wide and 800 meters long. It is made of fine golden sand. The Kursaal overlooks this beach.

Flag Codes

Flag codes are used to inform beachgoers of the safety or danger of bathing in a particular beach.

  • Green flag: Safe, free to bathe
  • Yellow flag: bathing is allowed, but use caution
  • Red flag: bathing is not allowed