Football: Real Sociedad

San Sebastian

Real Sociedad is San Sebastian’s football Club. It was founded in September 17, 1909 and thus carries a rich history of football triumphs and disappointments. The Real Sociedad de Football now plays in the La Liga, Spain's top professional football division.

San Sebastian

Known as the txuri-urdin (white blue), or the Erreala, the Real Sociedad plays their home games at the Anoeta Stadium in San Sebastian. The nickname txuri-urin comes from their colors- white vertical stripes on blue shirts and white shorts.

For home games, the atmosphere at the Anoeta Stadium is simply infectious and is quite an experience. If you want to see a match and you can’t afford a ticket, simply get a good seat at a bar. San Sebastian bars are likely to feature the game on match day.

Another football event (though not related to the Real Sociedad but is worth a mention), is the Donosti Cup. Teams from all around the world compete for this cup during the month of July.