Rental Cars in San Sebastian

San Sebastian

Renting a car and driving through San Sebastian is one alternative of getting around the city. Having your own car makes your tour more private and you can visit the sites at your own pace.

As for parking, street parking spaces are usually available outside the Old Quarter. Be sure to follow local traffic and parking rules. In addition, take special note of where you park. If you don't park in designated parking areas, your car is liable to be towed. There are many underground parking spaces available throughout the city.

Car Rental Companies in San Sebastian:

Address: Gregorio Ordoñez 10
Telephone: +34 943 463013

Address: Triunfo 2
Telephone: +34 943 461527

Address: Alcalde José Elosegui 112
Telephone: +34 943 392945

San Sebastian

Address: Estación Renfe - Pº Francia s/n
Telephone: +34 943 322304

Address: Centro Comercial Garbera, Travesia de Garbera, 1
Telephone: +34 943 392223

Sixt Rent A Car
Address: Amezketa,4
Telephone: +34 943 444329

Car Rental Companies (Driver Included)

Telephone: +34 943 393848

Telephone: +34 943 398018

Rental Car Requirements:

  • Lacunza Student’s Card
  • Passport or ID
  • Credit Card
  • Driver’s license
  • Age must be 23 years old and above